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CS - June 2009“The menu looks traditional but bursts with ingenuity.”

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Chicago Magazine - May 2009“Tacos. We’re known for tacos.”

Chicago Magazine
May 2009

Grub Street - November 21, 2008“Just delicious. Very harmonious. It’s the perfect size.”

Grub Street, Eric Ripert picks best fish tacos
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Time Out New York - October 2-8, 2008“The lineup of excellent guacamoles should not be missed.”

Time Out New York
October 2-8, 2008

New York Times - October, 2008“The fish taco’s going to change your life!”

New York Times
October, 2008

Zagat New York City Restaurants - 2008 Edition“You can’t get a better fish taco than at these creative cross-Village Mexican restaurants with shareable small plates and potent potables.”

Zagat New York City Restaurants
2008 Edition

Daily News - December 6, 2006“It’s a must for a fish taco lover-just as the fish starts to melt in your mouth, spiciness from the coleslaw kicks in.”

Daily News
December 6, 2006

Metro - November 10-12, 2006“Life doesn’t get much better than an empty stomach, a plate of Mercadito’s crispy beer-battered fish-of-the-day tacos, and an icy Dos Equis to wash it all down.”

November 10-12, 2006

am New York - August 17, 2006“People praise the tacos al pastor with pork and pineapple at this cheery little East Village place.”

am New York, Tacos Supreme
August 17, 2006

New York Magazine - March 13-20, 2006“Beer battered and fried to an ethereal crispness…they come four to an order; you’ll want a double.”

New York Magazine
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The New York Times - January 7, 2005“You could happily linger here a good long while, especially if you happen to be drinking one of the restaurant’s special margaritas.”

The New York Times
January 7, 2005

Daily News - October 15, 2004“It’s a tossup between the smoked mahimahi ceviche and the salmon; flip a peso. They’re all terrific.”

Daily News
October 15, 2004

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