Drinking and Card Games- They can be a Fun Mix


When people want to enjoy a night with their friends, they often play drinking games. The best drinking card games are those that are simple and yet still fun.

Sometimes people like to play war. If there are only two people in the crowd doing the drinking game, then for each card they uncover, the losing party has to drink. Obviously, this game will go fairly slowly, but it is easy to keep track of.

For groups, war can be tailored to fit the big circle. Everyone can lay down their cards. The person with the lowest card has to drink. This can be a fun participatory way to be inclusive to a big group.

Also, often people like to drink while playing poker. However, this is not the best drinking game if people are betting money. It might not be fun for a drunk person to lose all their money in a night out with friends. If you are playing a drunken version of poker, then everyone should play for small items and not money.

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